MGB Music is a multimedia production company providing recording services, video production, mixing, mastering and music lessons. The music studio is outfitted with state of the art equpiment including vintage microphones, pre amps and modern digital tools such as pro tools and uad plugins.

We offer music video production levels ranging from simple youtube cover videos to bigger concept videos.

Music lessons include guitar, bass, mixing, mastering and music production taught by Michael G. Binder.


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"My band has been recording an album this summer at MGB studio, and we are very pleased with the quality of the product and professionalism of Michael. The studio has great equipment and recording space, and Michael is very attentive to the quality of sound and production details. We are definitely coming back to record more with him in the future. I would highly recommend MGB to any recording artists." - Daniel Nunez

"Mike is the guy that can turn you're original music into a radio ready hit. He has the ear and the talent to build your ideas from the ground up. He studies all the current genres so he can understand exactly what sound you may be going for and what is popular in the industry right now. Working with him is easy going and very laid back. If you are looking for LA or Nashville quality and want to stay close to home or not pay the big city rates, Mike is your guy. Trust me when I tell you that you will be extremely happy you chose to work with Mike on your next musical project." - Eric Garcia 

My experience with Mike has been great. He has produced a few tracks for me in the past. Every encounter I've had with him has been nothing but stellar. He has a lot of great gear, but more than that his ear for production and creativity is top notch. I will definitely work with him again in the future, he's a really chill dude and super talented. - Luc DiMarzio



Tiffanne LeMay & Juan Pablo


Tyler Ward

Passion is what drives Tyler Ward to write, produce and perform music; however, music wasn’t always his focus. Encouraged by his father at a young age to pursue athletics, Tyler spent his time working towards scoring touchdowns and winning football games rather than chasing his musical dream. 

After completing high school, Tyler was accepted to the United States Air Force Academy where he started his collegiate football career. Tyler never adjusted to the military lifestyle, “I smiled too much,” he said. It was because of his excessive smiling and creative expression that Tyler found himself scrubbing toilets and cleaning floors on the weekends. 

Despite the intensive janitorial experience, Tyler decided to move on. He transferred to the University of Northern Colorado and once again played football. Several concussions later, he decided to leave the sport and follow his passion for writing music. 

Now, you can find Tyler writing, recording and performing music all over the state of Colorado. Tyler has become a well known local artist who is heavily pursued to perform live. “I love playing and it’s by far the best job I’ve ever had.” Tyler credits his musical talents to his mother Susan Ward, who is a classically-trained musician. Tyler notes, “My mom rocks.”


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